A Mutual Benefit Society


Ordained Justices

Any member who stands for the office of justice of the Court is considered for that position and upon review and acceptance, is ordained into the position of Justice of the Court.  Any three justices may create a panel for review and affirmation of any documents, trust orders or other orders of the Court.  These are entered into the private record of the court and also sent, if and as necessary, to public administrative bodies for their awareness and/or action where necessary.

If any administrative body, or its agents or officers, wish to affirm the good standing of any justice or that of a three-justice panel on any given document they may have received, they may send a request in writing with the following information:

1.  Name of justice wishing to be confirmed

2. The administrative body, court or other office or agency making the request

3. The name of the officer or agent making the request

4. Contact information (hours of availability, phone number, email)

5. Reason for request, in relation to a specific document, case or other particulars

Such requests should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All requests will be answered within thirty days of receipt.