A Mutual Benefit Society


Corporations Sole with Overseer

The Rolls of the Court shall publish the names of each Corporation Sole and the Overseers in this space.  

The adminstrative team is currently working on the registry and search function for this system which will be done soon, so please check back to this space in the near future (as of 7.6.13).  For any inquiries prior to the search function being activated, please contact:

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Every member of the PanTerra D'Oro Society who chooses to create a new Society and Office of Overseer (corporation sole) for the purposes of said society shall, upon the creation of the Articles of Establishment thereof, issue a Declaration and Decree as Notice to the Public.  Such Declarations and Decrees shall be published in this space as Public Notice and shall serve as proper and lawful notice for any living being, entity, public administrative body or other person to which or to whom such notice may apply.